The First Week

It has been a week since Walking Thinking Drinking Across Scotland was published for Kindle. Nice week! Most authors know that courage is required when launching a book into the public view. I’ve taken that step six times now, and that need for courage continues. This time has been the best.

Enough folks are buying the book that it spent most of the time within the top ten of its sub-genre (kindle>Travel>Great Britain). I’d hoped for a sub-genre for Scotland, but amazon doesn’t get that specific.

The fun part was reading Suzanne’s honest review. One phrase typifies the experience of many friends of writers.
I … planned to read a chapter or two then when I saw him next I wouldn’t be lying if I said I had “read it”
Then she promptly was drawn in and finished the book within a day. And then she gave a great gift to an author by posting a review. Thanks.

Then I heard the story again, and again. People are buying it for some casual reading, then finding themselves in their favorite reading chair, hot drink beside them, maybe their cat on their lap, and diving into the book in marathon reading sessions. Their stories make me feel the work was worth it.

Any great adventure starts with that single step. My trip across Scotland was like that. My writing career has been like that. All are I suspect.

If you’ve already read the book, thanks. If you’re going to, I thank you as well. And thanks for spreading the word. If anyone wants me to drop by for a talk or to give a slideshow (the first two were Standing Room Only), send me a note and we’ll see what we can do. Maybe I’ll even get to give a talk in Kirkintilloch when it isn’t raining.


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