Paperback Celebration

“I want to buy the book version . . . ” Glad to hear it. Here it is! Walking, Thinking, Drinking Across Scotland by Tom Trimbath is now available as a paperback. Thank you createspace. Two months ago I published the ebook version. Immediately, people began asking for the paperback version. The part of the quote following the “. . .” varied. Some people prefer reading without batteries. Some people want to give it as a gift. Some people want something I can sign. Two months of requests and positive reviews convinced me to take the next step. Okay, I also needed a two month break to get some other work done. I’m a busy guy. (Check out Backup Plans on my other blog.)

By the way, those of you who bought the ebook didn’t get to see the back cover that comes with the paperback. Here it is. Scotland back coverOh yeah, and the photos in the paperback are much bigger, though in black and white.

Now we enter the next phase. The ebook was a nice way to start. It was the basis for a talk and slideshow at the local library, and a radio interview. But it is a bit awkward to tell people to go somewhere else to buy the book when they walk up to me after an event. I’d meet people while walking around town and they’d ask me for a copy, assuming that I had a case of them in the car. Doesn’t every author drive around hoping to sell copies from the trunk of their car? It is a stereotype people expect authors to emulate. Now I can order a few dozen, sign a few, get several into the local libraries and bookstores that are friendly to local authors. I’ll sign the first to myself, my ritual celebration.

With book in hand, or in trunk, or in back room, or on the local shelves, it is easier to hold events, arrange for more interviews, and basically conduct the independent author’s version of a book tour. At the price of gas, the tours are shrinking, but if you know of a venue give me a call and we’ll work something out. Hey, Rick Steves, need another travel author on your show? How do I get in contact with The Daily Show? I don’t think I have the wardrobe for Oprah’s show, but I can find room on the strained credit card for a new shirt and pair of pants. Oh wait. I’ll go authentic and wear what I walked in. Nice dollar dodge.

To those who waited for the paperback version, I thank you for your patience. To those who dove into the ebook and posted such nice reviews or passed along their feedback privately, I deeply appreciate you. Such responses were great gifts to receive over the holidays. Your words encouraged me. How could I not be moved when I read, “I highly recommend this fascinating and uplifting book!” I’d hoped for “uplifting”, that’s why one of its genres is Personal Transformation; but, just because I wrote a book about a life-changing experience doesn’t keep others from only seeing it as a travelogue. What I like best with my books is when I get both responses, which is a sign that the book wasn’t too narrow.

I celebrated last night with a cocktail. Whisky (scotch to us Yanks) would have been appropriate, but so far, ebook sales haven’t enabled that level of celebration – but then, this is only the beginning. This is the beginning of a journey we are taking together. Thanks for encouraging me to take the next step.


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