Feeling My Way Across Scotland

I expect most folks remember the Walking and the Drinking part of the title, but the Thinking went on during and around both. That wasn’t the idea, but that’s what happened.That’s the part that changed my life. A grand claim, but correct; but, the word is actually wrong. It should have been Feeling (but titling the book ‘Feeling my way across Scotland” sounded odd.)

I’ve given few talks and interviews so far. I enjoy them, and have been invited back; so, I guess they enjoyed me, too. The topics are always the obvious ones: why, how, when, where, etc. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the funny stories – like the one about the cattle following me as I sang. The life changing part is harder to talk about because it is so personal. Until Friday.

Friday, March 22nd at 7pm, I’m going to give the first talk about, “Tools For Hope And Joy“. I’ve already mentioned a couple of them in previous posts: Grin Smile Laugh, and Every Moment Every Emotion. As much as I enjoy telling travel stories, I think there’s a lot more to be said about how to find a way through struggling times. Read the book and you’ll see I was in the midst of a struggle at the start. Read my main blog and see that the struggle has continued, and even gotten worse; yet, I am surviving and even being complimented as being inspirational. I’m glad someone else is getting something out of my experience. I’m trying to get out of it too.

As an author of five other books, I know that readers find what readers want. Twelve Months at Merritt Lake Authors may put in one message, but it may be overlooked as readers find implicit themes the author was unconsciously inserting. I’m definitely in favor of that. Some of my writing writes itself for some reader I’ve never met. It happens a lot.

That’s all the more reason for authors to occasionally take out the verbal highlighter and draw attention to the more subtle message. Getting the surface, the depth and the implicit stories into a conversation is a rich mix.

So, come on by to Living Green in Langley on Whidbey Friday evening. Their kitchen may be open. They have a wonderful space massaged by yoga classes and scented with some of the healing medicinals they stock.

See you there!

Scotland Flyer
Tools for Hope and Joy
Lessons from the book Walking Thinking Drinking Across Scotland
One man’s search for joy – or at least his evening’s Guinness – resulted in life-changing lessons, and it wasn’t because of the Guinness.

Talk and slideshow: March 22nd, 7pm
Living Green
630A 2nd St.
Langley, WA
Donations for the space are accepted.

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  1. Alas, postponed due to inclement weather. Got a date that works better for you?

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