A Short Verbal Version Of The Book

A few months ago I had a fun time giving a talk at the Langley Library, here on Whidbey Island. The Friends of Langley Library host regular talks, and have been nice enough to have me give several talks (e.g. Walking across Scotland, Bicycling across America, Hiking and Skiing in the Cascade Mountains, even self-publishing, social media, martial arts, and personal finance.) A fine piper, Bagpiper Don, was energetic enough to record the evening, including an intro piping session of his music. It is a nice venue, but all seven billion people on the planet couldn’t fit in there, so here’s the recording of the event. Don played for about 18 minutes.

I'm listening.  Don's playing

I’m listening.
Don’s playing

I talked for over an hour. Laughter was involved.

Here’s the link.

The mp3 file is over 200 MB. My editing software and I aren’t sophisticated enough to make it smaller – yet. Be patient. (18 minute intro + 70 minute talk + 7 minutes of Q&A)

Books are better than movies because books invite hours of imagination while movies edit everything down to 90 minutes. A talk is different. The book is necessarily heavily abridged, but there’s an opportunity for nuance and story that didn’t fit in the literary flow. Listen and enjoy.

And if you want me to give the talk again, send me an email. And if you need a bagpiper/biscotti maker (really), go to Don’s site. And if you want to see a marvelous small town library, come to Langley and let Vicky’s crew show you around.

Rainbow over Langley Library

Rainbow over Langley Library

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