Tom Trimbath

I fell into writing by trying to lose weight. That’s not an obvious career path. I decided to lose weight by bicycling, and figured it would take so much bicycling that I’d be able to cross the continent. So I did. By the time I was done, I’d sent out 15,000 words in emails, which a friend pointed out was more notes than most writers have when they start a book. So I wrote Just Keep Pedaling. Ten years later I’ve written or produced at least one book per year. Some are narratives. Some are photo essays. All are self-published. And all are based on following my intuition. Who knows where it will lead me next?

Evidently, my intuition led me to Scotland; and I’m glad it did.

Available for talks, interviews, and shows – and another walk across another country.

Tom Trimbath

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